Formerly known as English Home, Atelier Textiles specialise in the revival of antique embroidery techniques. Their extensive collection of luxury soft furnishings is created in close relationship with museums and buildings of national heritage and the stunningly beautiful textile designs have been inspired by antique documents and commissioned under special licence. Because of this, many of the designs have detailed historical references, reflecting England's rich heritage. Atelier Textile's spectacular velvet curtains, cushions, bedspreads and throws  are found in the grandest of settings:

Hotels - The Ritz, The Hemple, The Westbury, Skibo Castle.
Sets of Oscar-winning Movies - Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter, Notting Hill, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey.
Sets of great Theatres - The Royal Shakespeare, Covent Garden, Royal National.
Exclusive design commissions - The Royal Academy, The Metropolitan New York, The British Museum, English Heritage, Historic Royal Palaces and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

We're not just trying to show off here (although nobody would blame us), but Atelier Textile's products really are outstandingly beautiful. They will fit in comfortably with any decor and their quality and timeless chic appeal will easily last you a lifetime - or two.
We have worked with English Home (Atelier Textiles) since our foundation.

Richmond Collection, Isobel Collection, Whitehall Collection, Constance Collection, Chatsworth Collection, Oscar Collection


We met Cordula for the very first time back in 2002, when her beautiful and delicate lighting designs made their debut appearance at the Salone Satellite, Milan. At that time she was merely testing the international waters and during the years that followed we kept a close and eager eye on Cordula's career which steadily gained strength and status in her native Germany. In 2003, the Design Year Book named her as one of 175 best German designers. And finally, in 2008, she was ready to offer her work to an international clientele and we have offered her exquisite light designs ever since.

Cordula was born in Gladbeck, Germany.
She finished her studies at the Kunsthochschule Berlin in 1999 and, in 2000 as a trained Theater and Model Maker and Master Ceramic Designer, started her own business which is presently based in Berlin-Kreuzberg. For Cordula, innovation means first and foremost a dialogue with tradition and history. She loves to experiment with the knowledge and science surrounding ancient porcelain techniques and production processes which have remained virtually unchanged for 200 years. To this end, her work breathes new life into long-forgotten or neglected forms and techniques such as lithophany.
Cordula still stirs her porcelain mass by hand and hand-fashions each formal element, making sure her meticulously created pieces are sure to survive the heat of the kiln without impairment to their form. A complex working process requiring the utmost care, experience and technical accomplishment - which Cordula masters with definite distinction.
We have worked with Cordula Kafka since 2008.

Poi'Poi, Thincut, Trou, Twist, XY, SunMoon


After graduating from the School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University, and subsequently running a multi-disciplinary design studio in Tel Aviv, ILANEL moved to Melbourne Australia where he joined the Masters program at RMIT University. Today, Ilan lives and works in Melbourne and is one of the city's most innovative lighting designers.
Ilan designs with philosophical awareness and the enjoyment of the spatial relationship light creates with its environment. Many of his designs are interactive, contemporary and playful and his highly distinctive bespoke lighting illuminates a wide variety of spaces from hotels and restaurants to offices and homes worldwide.
We have worked with Ilanel since 2011.

We are ILANEL's European agent and will be delighted to assist you with all your residential and corporate project enquiries. Please contact us.

Rain, Heavy Rain, Black Rain, Arum


In-es artdesign was founded in 2003.
Having studied aesthetics, design and painting in several European cities, the artist and designer OCILUNAM has received international recognition. He has participated in both individual and collective exhibitions with his work ultimately exploring the symbol of the moon and the lunar matter. The moon's aesthetic light and appearance provides the basis for his creations. Light and shadow, matter and spirit and creativity of the soul combine in this evocative creation.
We have worked with In-es artdesign since 2010.


BYOK (formerly KBFORM)

KAI BYOK, born 1967 in Hamburg Germany, trained as a carpenter and subsequently studied Industrial Design in Milan Italy. He worked for the Olivetti Studios and joined Kohnemann Architects before founding KBForm, now renamed BYOK, in Hamburg in 1996.
Kai's designs are strongly architectural, exclusive and of the highest build quality. He works in close collaboration with architects, planners and builders in order to develop perfect lighting solutions which clearly show his outstanding feeling for form, technical intelligence and sophisticated timeless design.
We have worked with BYOK since 2010.

Nastrino, Nastrone, Piani


Born in 1978, young Latvian designer IEVA KALÊJA studied Visual Arts in Latvia and Milan. In her creative work she uses natural materials and finds new ways of applying these to realise her quirky and very stylish light designs, which use the intriguing contrasts of materials in both their natural harshness and their perfect refinement. Ieva's light objects show a contemporary interpretation of the 'handmade' - in the production process machines are used, but the lights are created in the image of living materials touched by the inspiration of craftsmen, without adapting, killing or violently beautifying materials.
Each of Ieva's light designs for Latvian design company mammalampa - from the feminine paper braided, the sophisticated corroded rust and gold lined, the natural hollowed wood, the classy marble chip and Swarovski crystal to the contemporary arty painted canvas - speaks a different language, but all stay true to her strong design ethos and hold her distinctive design signature.
We have worked with mammalampa since 2011.

The Bride, The Queen, The Duchess, The Wise One, The Sisters


Materialise.MGX was founded as the Art Design subsidiary of Materialise NV, the Belgian leader in rapid-prototyping technologies.
At the dawn of an incredibly exciting era in the field of digital manufacturing technologies, designers started to explore the potential of using the prototyping technology as a manufacturing tool for decorative interior objects and other new areas of design. Within only a few years of the company's foundation, the first spectacular MGX Collection was exhibited and caused a worldwide shockwave of awe and admiration. Since then, the MGX star has seen a meteoric rise and the company continues to work with renowned designers - noteably BATHSHEBA GROSSMAN, ARIK LEVY, DAN YEFFET, LUC MERX, MICHAELLA VAN VUUREN, STRAND & HVASS, PETER JANSEN, ONE & CO and XAVIER LUST - from around the world in their relentless quest to push the boundaries of digital production technologies ever further. The company is now known as MGX by Materialise. The name .MGX comes from the file extension of the Materialise software, Magics. This software makes rapid prototyping and 3D manufacturing techniques accessible to design professionals, enabling them to bring to life creations that would otherwise be impossible to produce.
We first came in contact with MGX in 2003 and it has been a love affair ever since. The MGX light objects in particular are nothing short of mind-blowing. The lights' highly complex but profoundly pure, organic structures are impossible to create with any other known production method and their incredible beauty is beyond anything we have ever seen. If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating technology, go to About 3D-Printing.
We have worked with MGX since our foundation.

Chaos.MGX, Quin.MX, Lily.MGX, Detail.MGX, Cadence.MGX,


The Naver Collection is proudly based on the Danish tradition for modern furniture, designed by leading Danish furniture designers - noteably EBBE GEHL and SØREN NISSEN - and carried out in the very best cabinet making workmanship.
The furniture factory was founded in 1952 by master cabinetmaker Aksel Kjersgaard. Kjersgaard worked as a travelling craftsman all over Europe and Morocco but wanted to try out some of his own ideas. In 1955 the production of occasional furniture and Hall furniture was started and today continues to manufacture beautiful furniture that is made to the very highest craftsmanship standards and because of its pure design and functionalism fits into any contemporary home.
We have worked with Aksel Kjersgaard since 2009.

Aero Side, Aero Bar, Kjer, Air, Locus, Point, Strawberry


Ochre's unique product collection is one of utter chic. It consists of furniture, lighting and home accessories with a strong emphasis on simplicity of form and proportion and the use of high quality British craftsmanship. Their objects show a strong but understated elegance and the unusual material combinations used for their creation are glamorous and luxurious.The company launched its first product designs at 100% Design in 1996 and since then has continued to design and manufacture a collection of timeless and beautifully elegant furniture and lighting objects handmade in Britain.
Three names are behind Ochre's success: Harriet MacDonald and Joanna Bibby, who met at Art School, and Solenne de la Fouchardiere, who joined in 1999 and has since become a partner.
We have worked with Ochre since our foundation.

Arctic Pear, Seed Cloud, Cloud Shade, Eclipse, Chainmail, Eucalyptus, Bone & Bronze Handles


MICHELE DE LUCCHI was born in 1951 and graduated in architecture in Florence. He was a prominent figure in movements like Cavart, Alchymia and Memphis and designed products for Artemide, Dada Cucine, Kartell, Matsushita, Mauser, Poltrona Frau and Olivetti, for whom he has been Director of Design since 1992.
De Lucchi has developed experimental projects for Compaq Computers, Philips, Siemens and Vitra, and has received numerous international honours. Selections of his products are exhibited in the most important Design Museums in Europe, the United States and Japan.

Being a highly versatile industrial, furniture, interior, lighting and architectural designer, his professional work has always gone side-by-side with a personal exploration of architecture, design, technology and crafts and a great interest in conceptual art. Thus, in 1990 De Lucchi set up Produzione Privata, a small studio through which he develops his own experiments in absolute freedom, without restrictions from industry, the marketplace or anything else. For Produzione Privata he designs products which are born out of a philosophycal inspiration: in bent and blown glass, as well as metals, woods and pottery. They are expressed initially through numerous pencil drawings, water colours and studies and then realised using Italian artisan techniques and crafts combining human talent, knowledge, sensitivity and skill. The results you find here; some of the most sublime, aesthetically pleasing and uncompromising light designs ever created.
We have worked with Produzione Privata since our foundation.

Acquamiki, Acquatinta, Perseo, Macchina Minima, Belle Soiree, Cuore Aperto, Dodici, Ipy Parete


From an early age, MICHAEL ROESING has tried to improve imperfect product designs.
He was a Waldorf student and studied architecture in Cologne. His early years as a designer were spent in a small apartment in Cologne where he started his first company Tak, which was active in technology, architecture and manufacture. The kitchen served as workshop, his bedroom as an office and the living room as a warehouse. In the meantime he continued studying, but as his business became more successful, both work space and available studying time became limited.
Michael moved to larger premises in Cologne and together with Joachim Kliesen founded Absolut, which since 1998 is part of Radius Design, the company well-known for its intelligent and high quality product designs. Where Absolut is all about lighting, Radius concentrates more on products for the home, which through the years have won numerous Design Awards.
We offer you the highly aesthetic Radius Home Flame range of bio ethanol fire places.
We have worked with Radius since 2007.

Letterman, UniFlame, TopFlame, FreeFlame


Dutch designer Sander Mulder was born in 1978 and graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2002.
After graduation he started his own design studio which serves both international clients and his own design collection consisting of lighting, furniture and interior design.

Sander's natural creativity and passion for design was evident from a very early age. His work is proof of the firm believe that good concepts can only exist in symbiosis with a good execution but he is not afraid to wander aimlessly and conduct experiments in search of the coincidental beauty of failure. Consequently his designs show a combination of strong lines, subtle detail, innovative techniques and bold statements. Sander believes that good conceptual skills can be applied to anything, and that new experiences stimulate creativity. Focusing on quality instead of quantity, his work is of beautiful craftsmanship and over the years has grown to become internationally recognised, leaving its traces in homes, galleries and museums all over the world.
We have worked with Sander Mulder since 2009.

Therese, Marie-Louise, Josephine


Dominic Bromley has created sculptural ceramics since 1999. His work is contemporary, functional and highly sensual with strong influences from the biomorphic work of Jean Arp and the sculptures of Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, along with the sculptural furniture of greats like Arne Jacobsen, Eero Arnio and Gaetano Pesce.
Dominic, joined by his wife and partner Frances, creates light sculptures of epic beauty, all of which are executed in fine bone china and to Dominic's trademark perfection. DOMINIC AND FRANCES BROMLEY's bone china work is very much hand produced by skilled craftsmen in the local Potteries in Staffordshire, and made by a process called slip casting. This involves the original model being plaster-moulded in order to reproduce the designs in fine bone china. The slip cast pieces are then coated in glaze inside and out and kiln-fired to produce smooth finishes, sympathetic to the form.

The exquisite Drawn To The Light Chandelier and spectacular Shoal Chandelier are the torch bearers in what promises to be an iconic light collection by one of Britain's most talented and respected design duo's. The highly successful Shoal chandelier was launched in 2007 with the first piece installed in Rick and Jill Stein's Seafood Restaurant in Padstow. Since, bespoke versions of this extraordinary light have been installed worldwide.
We have worked with Scabetti since our foundation.

Shoal, Drawn To The Light


Self-taught designer Tom Rossau is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and has worked with light since 1997.
The element of play always has been a key ingredient in Tom's work. He explores new ways of using materials to suit his perfectly executed light designs which are characterised by strong and mostly geometrical shapes. Aluminium, acrylic and plastic foils were materials used in his early career years, but since 2004 Tom has worked mainly with natural wood veneers. His collection of contemporary sculptural lamps in veneers builds on a long Scandinavian design tradition of wooden illuminators, dating back to the 1960’s and earlier.
His beautiful collection was first introduced at the 2006 Copenhagen Furniture Fair. Since then more designs have been introduced, each piece being entirely handcrafted to Tom's uncompromising and meticulous standards.
We have worked with Tom Rossau since 2007.

TR5, TR17, TR19


Tonon Italy is one of the best known international producers of chairs and tables in the world, reliable and synonymous for award-winning furniture design and superb manufacturing quality.
Tonon's origins date back to the Twenties and they have consistently proven to be a company which stands for careful and creative craftsmanship, for superb and timeless design and impeccable manufacturing quality. The world's largest cruise ships, the Queen Mary and the Queen Mary 2, have been equipped with Tonon's furniture. All Tonon's furniture is made in Italy.

Tonon's furniture products have been designed and created by some of the most imaginative, skillful and well-known European designers and the company has built fruitful and permanent relationships with all of them. Amongst these design greats are PETER MALY, MARTIN BALLENDAT and STEFAN HEILIGER, whose award-winning chair and furniture designs feature here.
We have collaborated with Tonon since our foundation.

Up, Wave, Salt and Pepper


Vezzini & Chen’s work is defined by the artful marriage of hand carved ceramics and blown glass. Their beautiful, utterly unique collection of sculptural hand crafted lighting, glassware, interior accessories and installation pieces treads a fine line between functional and conceptual.
CRISTINA VEZZINI and STAN CHEN met and began working together while on the MA course at the Royal College of Art and founded their London studio after graduating. The creative partnership brings together their two disciplines (hand crafted ceramics for Cristina and glassblowing for Stan), materials and styles within unified compositions. Their work is led by the immense skill and attention to detail their disciplines demand, with the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship being paramount. And so every piece is hand crafted by the duo, each element being individually hand made, so that the final product is one in which the compositions are entirely unique each time.
We have started collaborating with Vezzinin & Chen in 2015.

Geo, Dive In


Founded in 2010, the young Portuguese brand Wewood work with designers and architects, creating their beautifully crafted furniture pieces through traditional wood working techniques and high-end joinery. The superb Wewood furniture collection clearly shows the company's dedication to making the very best: a dedication which is present at all stages of production, and a highly successful combination of great craftsmanship, modern technology and innovative design, resulting in a portfolio of natural and certified products made with passion and expertise.
We have started collaborating with Wewood in 2015.

Casanova, Scarpa, Scarpa W


Brothers JORDI AND BORJA VECIANA, born 1960 and 1953, are architects and designers who throughout their careers have worked on numerous prestigious residential and corporate projects worldwide. Clients include Ralph Lauren, Inditex (Zara, Bershka), Gianni Versace, Agatha Ruiz del Prada and Louis Vuitton. Borja Veciana has a technical degree and worked as a jewelry designer and a furniture restorer before turning to designing and producing furniture.
The Veciana brothers each run their own design studios in Barcelona Spain and have designed various furniture pieces for the Belgian company Wildspirit, of which we offer you two versatile and beautifully crafted pieces.
We have worked with Wildspirit since 2010.

Stoll, Spring


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