Since its birth in January 2006, Within4Walls has earned worldwide respect for its discerning and unique lighting collection.

Our company forms a portal for those designers and makers who defy mass production and who continue their quest to create unique and beautiful lighting and interior pieces produced to sustainable principles. We have always held a simple but strong ethos: we are blessed with a rich heritage of great British and European design talent and craftsmanship, which deserves our unfailing support. We need to recognise that this work is all about integrity and individuality; it creates superior products of lasting value which we can admire and enjoy for many years to come. Celebrating, nurturing and protecting our brilliant local manufacturing industries is, ultimately, what true sustainability is all about. Look that much further and spend that little bit extra - you gain so much more pleasure from soulful design and beautiful craftsmanship as opposed to futile trends and mass produced blandness.


The Within4Walls Lighting and Home Interiors Collection clearly speaks for the hearts of all those gifted, committed and hard working people who design and create the beautiful work it offers. Sourced from amongst the most talented and dedicated designers and craftsmen in Britain and Europe, it presents an outstanding choice of classic and contemporary lighting and interior furnishings which cannot easily be found elsewhere. For good reasons.

We choose to support, protect and nurture our British and European market, to keep standards high and carbon footprints low. If the occasional product comes from a bit further afield, it is because of its exceptional design and build quality, individuality and integrity. We are passionate about natural materials and the use of traditional production methods, about honest and unpretentious work which clearly shows the love, pride and commitment of its maker. But we also embrace innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies, as they bring the excitement of radical new design and fascinating products. Above all else however, we look for that extra dimension: a strong emotional link between designer and creation, that essential quality called soul.

Our products don't cry out loud or pretend to be something they are not. Their quiet, subtle characters show true strength and make them fit in beautifully with any existing décor. Whether classic or contemporary, ornate or sleek, bold or understated, each and every piece radiates timeless beauty and impeccable quality in design and craftsmanship, which makes them last to serve you and be cherished by you for a life time or two. And that's exactly what makes them good enough for us.

Some of the partners we work with have been successful in the world of product design for many years; they hold shining reputations and their names may be well known to some of you. Others however have just started to present their work; they design and create their unique pieces in small workshops and are unknown to most. But whether veteran or newcomer, all share a strong and uncompromising commitment to individuality, great design and superb craftsmanship. And that's exactly what we look for.


We serve both private and corporate clients in the UK and abroad. We assist private customers with their residential lighting needs and work with international interior design companies, architects and design consultants on residential, hospitality, office and public projects worldwide. All share with us a love for timeless beauty and expect nothing but the very best in design and manufacturing quality for their highly demanding private, public and corporate environments.


Our service is solely web-based and as such we do not have a showroom or other display facilities. We do however take part in selected design shows.
Our website aims to present our collection in its full glory, providing large images for complete visual detail and giving extensive information on each product design and the people and inspiration behind it. Due to the fact that our entire collection is made-to-order only, neither we nor our suppliers hold any items in stock. Our sales office is located near Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

We take pride in offering you a highly dedicated professional and personal service and to consult, guide and assist you in any way possible. Our website should give you plenty of visual and technical information about the products in our collection but, should you wish to discuss your ideas with us or have any queries whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us - we are only a phone call or email away!

Welcome to Within4Walls and to the very best of British and
European contemporary lighting and interior furniture.
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